Love and Giraffes


By Jaime W. Powell

Quinn established her place in the world by doing everything by the book. She married young, had a beautiful daughter, and excelled at her career. But what she didn’t count on was a cheating husband, a nasty divorce, and being left on her own for the first time in her life.

Brett, on the other hand, has the world by the tail with his perfect bachelor’s life. He has an upper east side apartment, a thriving business of his own, and several admirers after a quickie divorce leaves him single once more. But to his nosey, yet loving mother, a man of his age and stature should have married again by now.

When a chance encounter leaves both divorcees needing one another, they agree on a sexy deal, which takes them all the way to Malibu. She’s looking for sex. He’s looking for a fiancé. But when the “friends with benefits” line becomes blurred, they each have a choice to make: give in to the love or find solace elsewhere.

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