Blizzard Clearing


By Carolyn Healy

After 23-year-old Marci James moves back home, her grandpappy is rushed to the hospital, and she feels compelled to be his advocate. Marci meets Chad Good and is drawn to his handsome face and awkward charm while he is instantly attracted to her natural beauty and the love she has for her family.

A blizzard begins in Chicago and Marci chooses to stay near the hospital. While spending time with her grandpappy, he reveals a family secret. It’s something she could learn from. Chad and Marci quickly fall for each other, and they love spending time together, but Marci’s scars run deep.

A perfect storm erupts and secrets are revealed, threatening everything Marci has with her new love and her grandpappy, while shattering her renewed self-confidence. She begins to fall into her old ways, wilting in the shadow of her past four years.

Marci is torn between her past and present loves as emotions swirl around her but she needs clarity, now. In the aftermath, will she find strength and happiness or will the pull of the past continue to blind her?


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Carolyn Healy