Dream Chaser (Dream Trilogy Book 2)


By Sue Searles

When Juanita arrives home to news that has the potential to tear her family apart, it falls upon her granddaughter Dana to put the pieces together and solve the mystery.

Since a devastating discovery that Dana’s soul mate could actually be her brother, the two have been forced to create a new kind of normal, to forge a platonic path neither of them wants to take.

Meanwhile, Lorraine’s childhood sweetheart explodes back into her life in the most unexpected way, but even their future looks uncertain.

Through it all, one man is responsible for the chaos. The repercussions of bad decisions and poor judgment on his part still ripple through the family line decades later. Only Dana’s grandfather holds the key, but nobody knows where he is.

Will Dana be able to find her elusive grandfather and get answers to a lifetime of questions?

Will Lorraine’s revived romance with her childhood sweetheart be strong enough to weather the storm?

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Sue Searles