Duchess of Earl


By J.L. Salter

This is not a Regency. But what if you woke after a traumatic experience and believed you were in 1813 England?

A young woman suddenly awakens after a terrible vehicle accident, convinced she’s betrothed to a lesser British baron 200 years ago. But instead of a baron, she encounters a man named Earl . . . and this low-key, 2013 Tennessee farm isn’t anywhere near England.

For several reasons, the lonely, isolated, handsome Dusty Earl wants to help the delusional woman (whom he calls the “duchess”) he rescued from the burning car, but she sees everything around her through a lens that’s two centuries old.

Though beginning with fear and mistrust, in their following days together, they develop a truce. But can their truce become a relationship?

Meanwhile, Dusty’s desperate enemy intends to use the confused, attractive patient to his own multiple advantages — and Dathan always fights dirty. How far will Verdeville’s bad boy go to get what he wants?
How long will the woman (who thinks her name is Georgette Heyer) continue to believe she’s living in Regency times?

The Duchess of Earl is a hybrid of contemporary, suspense, and action (with components of comedy). It’s also an affectionate wink at Regencies and Regency readers.



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