Frosty Nights (The Frost Series Book 1)


By Amanda T. Fox

Nikolas Claus was a jolly soul and destined to take over his father’s role of Santa Claus when he retires, a responsibility he shared with his brother Kristoff. But when he is locked in a dungeon and left for dead, how can he be prepared for the cheerful role of Santa?

Holly Frost is the daughter of Jack Frost and Clara, the Christmas Spirit. Gifted with the power of snow she is a mischievous woman who finds the idea of a winter-less existence horrifying. But when a prisoner of the dungeons is presented to her, she knows there is nothing she won’t do to save him. Even if it means sacrificing her innocence and light for the introduction of darkness that seems to surround the man that she has fallen for.

In a heartfelt romance, Nick fights to discover who put him in the dungeon but finds himself distracted with a certain snow angel. Despite the horrors he faced, Holly awakens something inside of him that warms his heart and helps him to find peace. As the daughter of Jack Frost and the son of Santa Claus, they fit perfectly together but after the ordeal he went through, would he be looking for something permanent?

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