Hurt Road


By Bruce A. Stewart


When his parents are killed in a car crash, Detroit teen, Hank Goodman finds himself in the last place on earth he ever wanted to be. Crosscut, Louisiana. Quickly tiring of the place and his aging grandparents, all Hank can think about is leaving. Until he meets the beautiful Becky Rayburn.

Hank starts to settle in and just when things seem to finally be going his way, he is hit with even more bad news. Devastated, he accepts a visiting uncle’s invitation to come and live with him in Colorado.


Five years and two tours in Vietnam later, Hank is back in the Bayou State. He has changed quite a bit since he left but so have things in Crosscut. And not all of them for the better.

When Hank takes a job as a deputy sheriff, he begins to believe a killer could be in their midst. Can he stop this madman before he claims his next victim? A victim who could very well be Hank.

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