Injured Sensibilities


By Ilene Withers

Julian Warfeld, Marquess of Knolton, travels to his minor estate when he learns the land steward is a crook. Referred to a nearby farm to see Marty Robinson about his sickly cattle, Julian is shocked to find a beautiful woman dressed in trousers and doing a man’s work. Yet he finds himself fascinated with her.

Miss Marty Robinson saved her family’s estate from bankruptcy by working like a man and gaining a wealth of knowledge about animals. When Lord Knolton asks for her advice, she knows he is shocked to find she is a woman. After his land steward is found murdered on her property, the two of them work to solve the mystery of who killed him and who is accusing Marty of being the murderer. As they spend time together, her feelings for him grow to love, but can she accept his proposal knowing he expects her behavior to change?



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