Jaxson’s Angel


by Serena Pettus

Jaxson Sterling loves his life. He has a booming charter boat business that he runs with his twin brother, who also happens to be a very popular romance writer. Add to that a spacious home right on the beach, and it just didn’t seem like things could get much better.

When his brother invites his agent down to stay in their rental house, Jaxson is hopeful that this will snap his brother out of his current writing funk, but imagine his surprise when the agent ends up being a very attractive woman. And not just any woman, but his destined mate.

Angel is ready to relax and work on a plan for her future since she has just left her job at the literary agency. A beach vacation sounds perfect, and she is excited to visit with one of her favorite clients in the process, but instead of the serious writer she is used to, Angel encounters a much more playful and flirtatious man.

Much to her surprise, Jaxson is his twin, and a very sweet distraction from her current worries. They spend a lot of time together, seeing the sites, dining, walking the sugar-white beaches . . . but Jaxson has a secret that could bring their budding relationship to a dead halt.

He’s a werewolf.

Jaxson claims that his brother’s writings are true, and that he can offer her the type of everlasting love that has been described in the bestsellers she represents. It all sounds wonderful, but can she accept his furry tendencies and bind her soul to him for all time?



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