Mr Impeccable (Island Harbor Series Book 2)


by Jill Urbach

When Anna Gissler runs away from her Peace Corps commitment, the only place this failure of a college grad can go is home to her small island town where the majority of the other twenty-something’s are directionless barflies. So she’s shocked to find the boy most likely to succeed, Dalton Brown — the same one she used to loathe — living back at home too. Only, he’s not so worthy of loathing now. In fact, he’s downright hot.

Dalton’s middle school crush on Anna is long gone. And he’s determined not to fall under her spell again. So when he decides to spearhead a campaign to build a community center, he flatly refuses Anna’s offer of help. It’s hard enough to avoid her in their small town. Working together would be too…tempting.

But with experience fundraising for large nonprofit organizations, Anna knows she’s perfect for the job. And she knows it’s her one chance to prove to him she’s not the shallow girl he now thinks she is. How can she help Dalton achieve his dream without him knowing? Because if he achieves his, she might just achieve her own dreams as well.




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