No More Heroes: A Romantic Suspense (A Phillip Chandler Mystery Book 2)


By Cherié Waggie

P.I. Philip Chandler finds himself in Hong Kong teaming up with Action Superstar, Eddie Tseung, to investigate death threats Eddie received. Philip is in Hong Kong less than an hour when he rescues Eddie from a submerged car.

The two then survive a fire and a bombing in quick succession. Eddie vanishes; and a month later, Philip wakes up in the hospital unable to remember what happened to his friend. When a human headless torso wearing Eddie’s clothes is found floating near a beach, Philip is charged with murder.

With the help of Eddie’s 20-year-old son, Jai, he evades the police and the two of them embark on finding out who the dead man really is, where Eddie is, and who wants him dead.

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