The City in the Mountains (The Energy Crusades Book 2)


By Valerie Noble

Yanked from her Crusade team and sent as an envoy to an alien planet, Kaia finds herself alone and unsure how she will accomplish her mission. When an unexpected, yet familiar face is there to greet her upon arrival to Planet Danu, Kaia’s unease grows.

Kaia and her new team must navigate through the ruins of a dying planet, make their way into the mountains, and find the captured Crusaders they were sent to rescue. And then the real challenges will begin. Kaia will have to pledge herself to Ajax’s brother, meet with the with the leader of the Resistance, whose motives and sanity seem to be faltering, and try to keep her brother from falling for one of the resister’s-a crime in the eyes of her government. With news that Ajax is on his way to Danu, Kaia must decide if she will continue to be the Crusader she was meant to be, or follow her heart and risk losing everything.



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