The Eynan: Garileon


by L.S. Gibson

Having finally put the war with the Illurian Empire behind him, Jhond of Reeve sets out to discover what being the Eynan really means. Captain Amired takes Jhond and his mentor, friend and fellow mage, Ninian, back to the Isle of Truth to recover the rest of the artifacts. They take them to the safety of the Temple of the Magi. While there, Jhond decides to investigate some of the artifacts, finding some remarkable objects. They also find some unusual crystals and both Jhond and Ninian experience visions through the touch of two of these crystals.

Even though each vision is different they each point to a problem on the edge of the northern icy wastes, specifically to the distant land of Garileon. Is it possible the visions are in fact linked? The only way to be sure is to follow where the visions lead – Ninian’s to a rare female mage and Jhond’s to an ancient evil….




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L.S. Gibson


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