The Heiress Timely Hero (Timely Bride Book 2)


By: Dana R. Lynn

Anne de Bourgh’s life is in danger. From her own family. Her only hope is a man who claims to be from the future. His story is impossible, yet her instincts, and her heart are drawn to this stranger. Will he save her? Or will trusting him cost her everything?

Morgan James has faced his own mortality. Now, he feels like a shadow of his former self. Without purpose. Until now.

Five years ago, his sister went through a time portal on the family estate in England, and returned with her husband, Colonel Richard Fitzwilliam. He knows going through the time portal is dangerous. He also knows Anne will die a horrible death if he doesn’t.

He intends to save her. What he doesn’t plan is to fall in love with her.

But danger has followed them. Is there no time or place where they can find happiness?



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