What If It’s Love: A Small Town Romance (Serendipity Series Book #2)


By Kinsey Corwin

Justice Morgan is unlucky in life and love. Her father is a drunk and no date ever lasts beyond the first. So when she unknowingly commits to taking over the kissing booth and annual bachelor auction, she finds herself overwhelmed and seriously out of her element. Kissing half the town wouldn’t likely change things in the romance department, but when Merrick Hudson’s lips touch hers, there is an undeniable spark she can’t seem to forget.

Merrick Hudson likes to keep his life unattached and uncomplicated. It made things so much easier. Especially for a man who was left standing at the altar. As a result, he takes risks in every area of his life except romance. So single life it was, and Merrick was perfectly happy to keep it that way. Or so he thought until the kissing booth incident. Now all he can think about is how the kiss rocked his world. But his past is threatening to undo all he’s accomplished.

All’s fair in love and war, but will Merrick and Justice be the same when the dust settles?