The Talent Show (Sidekick Academy Book 2)


By Daniel Wentzel

Bobby Beckett still isn’t sure he belongs at Donovan’s Academy. What’s a normal kid like Bobby doing in a school for superheroes?

At least he’s not the new kid anymore. A young man named Carlos is a survivor of a super villain attack that wiped out his entire country. He’s come to Donovan’s Academy, and Bobby can tell something’s not right about this new student. He just can’t tell what it is.

Meanwhile, the rest of the school excitedly prepares for The Talent Show, a chance to showcase their abilities. Those who succeed have a chance to be mentored by active Super-heroes. Bobby doesn’t believe he stands a chance, but he just might be able to help his friends succeed.

That is, if he can stop Carlos from ruining the Talent Show for everyone.