The Week at Mon Repose


by Margaret Pearce

Allie and her cousin Jennie are shocked at having to spend their holidays at the boarding house Mon Repose. Especially when they discover it is the most boring old place in the middle of nowhere. Then they meet Marilyn who has lots of lively ideas to cope with boredom. They discover an old Ouija board and decide to have a séance and try to figure out how to make Mon Repose a more interesting place.

Suddenly there is a teenage genie who can’t grant wishes but brings his horses with him for them to ride. It’s unfortunate that the horses are confiscated by the rangers for riding in the National forest, and their trying to figure out why their genie nearly vanishes on them. The three girls are now much too busy solving problems to even have time to be bored.

But by the time their holiday is over, will they realize their most secret wishes have been granted?


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