By Jamie W. Powell

Emma is a normal seventeen-year-old girl who simply wants to pass her classes and leave behind the small town of Jefferson, Texas. That is until she takes a job at a pizza parlor and meets the owner, Silas, a good looking, tattooed nineteen-year-old, who she falls for quickly. But just a few short months into her new job, two gunmen rob the pizzeria leaving Emma shot and left for dead.

Silas and his brothers, who also help run the restaurant, are able to save her life before the police even arrive, although Emma’s not sure how. Soon, the brothers confess they are somewhat less than human. Cambions to be exact – half-breeds who are the sons of Incubus’. Unfortunately, Emma’s life after this only gets stranger and her reality harsher.

Emma learns her Father is a member of a secret society called “God’s Huntsmen” and it runs within bloodlines stemming back hundreds of years. Emma herself will be inducted when she is eighteen. The problem is, God’s Huntsmen are demon hunters and Emma herself is in love with one.

One night, after her mother is attacked by an Incubus she learns it’s Silas’s father Damius and he has plans of his own – to rid the world of God’s Huntsmen one group at a time, leaving the world open for the demons afoot. But after Emma finds out she was once a twin, her life takes another dramatic turn and she discovers she is more than a Huntsmen. She’s the Bellator and the only one who can stop Damius’s evil plan.