Fearless of the Fall


By Amanda Hess

Everything crumbled after Abby’s tragedy, even her close friendship with Jesse. But Ashleigh never leaves her, and doesn’t press for details. Distanced from everyone else, Abby finds solace in riding Motocross.

After Jesse steps back into Abby’s life and offers his friendship once more, things slowly begin to return to normal. But explaining her reason for not speaking to him for seven months is too traumatic for Abby to reveal.

Just when it seems they’re becoming more than friends, Abby and Jesse face a horrific storm, which incredibly brings them into an even closer proximity. Due to the overwhelming damage, Jesse and his family stay at Abby’s house for a while.

However, passing in the upstairs hallway at home is vastly different than passing in the hallway at school. Something between them has changed, and not for the better. There are so many things that go unspoken, including Abby’s upcoming departure for college out of state, but neither of them seems to be able to connect. Maybe it’s best they just remain friends so that Abby can focus only on the upcoming Motocross Competition.

But the arrival of Pamela, a pretty transfer student and fellow rider, complicates everything and Jesse makes a huge mistake. Can Abby forgive him? Or will Pamela win everything?



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