By Roxanne Lambie

Seventeen-year-old student pilot, Willow Ryan, can be in two places at once, but she doesn’t know it yet.

While on a solo flight, she is transported from Texas to Ireland where she meets a stunning Irish local, Liam Tyl. During her visits, he tries to help her unravel the mystery of how she appears and disappears, but their time together is always short-lived.

At home, she has no memory of Liam or her travels to Ireland. There are chunks of time she can’t account for—moments with her friends and family. Most importantly, memories with her ailing Mom, who can’t be replaced.

Liam reaches out to her through letters, and together they discover there are two versions of Willow.

Now she must learn how to navigate between two realities without losing the love of her life or her family back home.