Raven’s Quest: A Fantasy Thriller


By Matt Bille and Deb Bille

Lark Ravenlord is an outcast from the city of Haven, riding a stolen raven that belonged to her dead lover, determined to make a life for herself in the vastness of the Winterland. When she makes contact with legendary beings and learns an ancient weapon may destroy her former home, she must decide whether she dares to return to Haven. There she must convince her enemies, not only to let her live, but to follow her, as she and the great raven Kee-La embark on a dangerous quest across unknown lands to save Haven from destruction.



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Matt Bille is a consultant, historian, science writer, and novelist living in Colorado Springs, Colorado. He is the author of two books the world’s rarest and most mysterious animals and The First Space Race. a NASA-published history of the early satellites. He is an Associate Fellow of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics and a member of the National Association of Science Writers. His first novel, The Dolmen, came out in 2014.

Deb Bille is a nurse and attorney who reviews complex cases for a global insurance company. They are the parents of two children, both now in college.